Spectrometer Reservation Sytem
Sign-Up Rules

The PENN-NMR Spectrometer Schedules and Calendars may be accessed ONLY by authorized users.
Contact the NMR Facility Director, George T. Furst to obtain a login name and password.

Reserving Time Blocks:

  • Sign up on the web scheduler for departmental nmr spectrometers is first come, first serve for that day.  Users can not sign up for nmr time a day in advance.  Biological nmr spectrometers are scheduled on a monthly basis.
  • Overnight runs begin at 8pm and end at 8am the following morning.  By 8am, users must have the nmr returned to room temperature, with the appropriate probe, and have the standard nmr sample locked and shimmed in the magnet.
  •  If you are not going to use your already scheduled nmr time, cancel your reservation so that others can use the time slot.
  • If you do not show up within 5 minutes of your scheduled time, your nmr time will be forfeit.
  • Certain evenings are assigned to different research groups on various nmr spectrometers.  Other users may sign-up and use the nmr spectrometer on those nights if the time is not being used by that research group and that all members of that group give permission.  The research group reserves the right to revoke permission and boot other users off of the nmr spectrometer if necessary.
  • Sign-up Rules for the following NMR spectrometers:

                ac250, dmx300, dmx360
    1. Daytime:        8 am to 8pm:  10 minute time slots with a maximum of 30 continuous minutes allowed per user.
    2.  Evening:        8pm to 8 am:  Longer time blocks and overnight runs allowed on a first come, first serve basis.
                                                     But no more than one night per group per week.
    3. Exceptions:    NMR training and service time slots as needed
    4.  am500sgi

    5. Daytime:    maximum continuous slots as follows:
    6.      8am-2pm:    20 minute maximum time slots
    7.      2pm-8pm:    1 hour maximum time slots
    8.      2pm-8pm Wednesday:    Service as needed.
    9. Evenings:   8pm-8am
    10.                     Monday         Winkler
    11.                     Tuesday         Therien/Cooperman
    12.                     Wednesday    Service/Inorganic
    13.                     Thursday        Joullie
    14.                     Friday            Winkler
    15.                     Saturday         Molander/Percec
    16.                     Sunday            Kozlowski/Dailey
    17.  drx500

    18. Daytime:    maximum continuous slots as follows
    19.         8am-2pm:        2 hour maximum time slots
    20.         2pm-8pm:        20 minute maximum time slots
    21. Exceptions:    Service and Training
    22.                     Tuesday        9am-11am      as needed
    23.                     Thursday        8:30am-11am    weekly
    24. Evenings:   8pm-8am
    25.                     Monday         Molander
    26.                     Tuesday        Winkler
    27.                     Wednesday    Percec
    28.                     Thursday        Winkler
    29.                     Friday            Molander
    30.                     Saturday         Percec
    31.                     Sunday           Winkler
    32.   Biological NMR Spectrometers:  dmx750, dmx600, dmx500

      For the biological nmr machines, biodmx750, biodmx600, biodmx500, the scheduling is set on a basis of 1-2 months.  Please see George Furst to request extended nmr time slots on these spectrometers.